As the world navigates changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), SAICA members and associates (members) are adapting to the changing times, and continuing to provide responsible leadership during this time. They are unlearning a number of old “habits, knowledge and skills” and embracing a lot of new ways of work and business. This includes for example embracing and leading around new disruptive technologies in the work environment, becoming more agile (preparing for new roles that are still being defined and will continue to evolve over time), or enhancing the strategic outlook on matters of organizational success, including business models and value creation.

The CA of the Future series, powered by SAICA enabling competencies forms an important part of professional development for SAICA members, to gear up for the ongoing changes and disruptions. SAICA enabling competencies are essential skills that influence the ways SAICA members work, think, live, as well as the tools they use in their environments. Enabling competencies are pervasive to a member’s work and behaviour and are transversal, to be used effectively across different environments, functions and roles. Enabling competencies allow members to function as a competent professional accountant, manager or leader in an organisation (seen as a digital environment), by displaying decision-making and relational acumens.

As technology continues to improve becoming more prevalent to everything that accountants do, and as societal and stakeholder needs continue to evolve, and become increasingly complex, both opportunities and challenges are being created for current and future members and associates. This series unpacks certain aspects of the expected competence and shapeshifting for accountancy professionals, and aspires to influence attendees to pay particular attention to and apply the SAICA enabling competencies as they continue to provide responsible leadership and serve their stakeholders.


Deloitte Africa Audit Analytics Leader

CEO of KhumaloCo

Director of Operations & Client Solutions at The Arbinger Institute of South Africa

Business author and professional speaker

Head of Financial Crime Compliance at Investec

Head of Conservation at Investec

Vice President, Medium Business, Sage Africa & Middle East

CEO of Alto Growth

Senior Lecturer, University of Johannesburg

Investec for Business

Business futurist and digital transformation speaker. Corporate Venturing Lead, Wholesale Clients Digital division, Standard Bank group

A game-changing entrepreneur, visionary, leader, author and chef

Head of Security Governance at Investec

Associate Professor and Director at the Institute for Intelligent Systems, University of Johannesburg

Associate Professor at the University of Johannesburg

Senior Solution Marketing Manager at Workday