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2019/10/15 07:00:00

Date: 15 Oct 2019
Venue: Investec, 36 Hans Strijdom Avenue, Foreshore, Cape Town
Time: 08:00 – 16:30
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It’s impossible to stop the wave of new technology disruption in the financial industry is in The Fourth Industrial Revolution will mark a significant change in the way we work and do business. Finance leaders who are unable to critically assess people, processes and technology will fail to be valued strategic business partners.

The exponential pace of change within the finance function, and the unlimited opportunities available to the forward-thinking finance leader to impact change is unbelievable. Adaptability will keep you ahead of the game and set you apart.

Hear from local and international leaders in their fields about what you can expect of the future of work and how to prepare for it, why humans are wanted in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and why fully rounded CAs(SA) are needed. Join us for a day full of insight and inspiration and connect with like-minded finance professionals.


Cape Town: 15 October

Opening and welcome

08:00 – 08:15

Willem van der Post

8:15 – 8:35

CEO of xTech.Capital Willem will be the MC and also provide insight and context to all sessions as a CA(SA) and exponential technology expert

Jeremy Gardiner

8:35 – 9:15

“Déjà vu?
2018 started off well, but then descended into gloom and despair as Trump’s tariff war, a strong US Dollar and rising US interest rates ravaged emerging markets, including SA.
2019 also started well, but despite successful elections, a resurgent tariff war has once again scared foreign investors away.

What is Trump’s strategy? Will he soften on the Chinese?  And can our President withstand the forces of evil who want to “Venezuela” our country?
Investec Asset Management”

Kirsten Leeuw

9:15 – 10:00

Humans wanted! (4IR)

As the world turns and the 4th industrial revolution dawns, many of us forget that human beings are still the reason for, and against all of it. People make or break progress and as the machine rises, so too does the need for humanity. The companies that know how to truly connect to human beings will be the companies that know how to sustainably exist. This talk elevates empathy and humanity, as critical tools to dominate.

Bronwyn Corbett

10:00 – 10:45

Lessons learned in business

Bronwyn is the Chief Executive Officer of Grit Real Estate Income Group, the largest pan African focused real estate fund listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and in Mauritius. Bronwyn has significant corporate finance and deal making experience. She played an instrumental role in the JSE listing of Delta Property Fund Limited in 2012 where she held the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer prior to taking up the leadership role at Mara Delta Property Holdings. In addition, Bronwyn co-headed the team responsible for growing assets under management from ZAR 2.2 billion at listing to ZAR 11.8 billion in May 2016. Bronwyn is a founder member and served as non-executive director on the board of Mara Delta Property Holdings (now Grit Real Estate Income Group) where she played a significant role in the listing and conversion of the fund to its current pan-African focus, underpinned by dollar based leases. She assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer. She has grown the portfolio from $220 million at inception to exceeding $700 million currently. Grit currently operate in 7 countries on the African continent. She will talk about the lessons she’s learned in business.


Chris Becker

11:15 – 12:00

Blockchain technologies lead at Investec Making cents of cryptocurrencies – How Blockchain changes the way data, value and financial information is stored and shared between individuals and entities. And it’s never to early for businesses to start using this technology

Juan Swartz

12:00 – 12:45

Preparing for the Future World of Work

“Co-Founder and Chief Science and Technology officer Fourth Talent

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is progressing exponentially faster than the pace at which our people are able to adapt and develop their competencies. So how do we keep up?
Before preparing for the Future World of Work, it is imperative that we understand how AI, Robotics, other Innovations and Digital Solutions will influence the changes and augmentations to roles and how fast these will occur. In his Keynote Juan will begin by presenting an overview of current leading edge solutions and how these affect specific roles and industries. He will then provide insight into the future by going through the latest scientific breakthroughs that could take years or even decades to impact our businesses. Understanding this future landscape provides a roadmap for what we have to do today to prepare for this Future World of Work. Herein lies the challenge which Juan will explore, how to equip our people with what is required today whilst managing the process of continuous development as they transition to what is required in the future.

Mandi Oliver

12:45 – 13:00

SAICA’s new lifelong learning policy


Mushambi Mutuma

14:00 – 14:45

Leveraging technology for exponential growth

As business is moving at a faster pace than ever before it’s become intimidating and overwhelming to try keep up. Buzz words like “innovation”, “disruption”, “exponential growth” are confusing and a bit scary. Everyone is telling you day in and day out to innovate and change, however, it’s not easy to make heads or tails of the tech space. In the same breath, a few industries are facing major disruptions and there is growing fear about jobs being replaced and automated.

However, there’s still time to use humanity’s oldest tool for making your life and business simpler, better and more efficient. This conversation will deep dive into the core principles of tech, it’s pace, hearing the footsteps of where it might be going, knowing how disruption and innovation work tangibly, and most importantly leveraging it for your unique exponential success.

Tramayne Monaghan

14:45 – 15:20

Why fully rounded CA’s are essential

The impact of automation and robotics on your career path and the audit and accounting profession

Jobs that are repetitive and mundane are going to disappear. The scary cry from the streets of “the robots are coming” will ring out across accounting and auditing firms.
So how can we prepare? How can we as CAs and future CAs be ready for the changes that are coming.

Being fully rounded and well versed in technology is the only way. We need to embrace the change and adapt. The job you have ten years from now may not exist today. How do we prepare ourselves for that?

In this talk Tramayne will talk about his own journey from CA to innovator. As a part of that journey he thinks around the innovators dilemma as he ponders robotics, automation and the coming AI revolution.  And finally he reflects on how the lessons he learnt becoming a CA and auditing apply in a commercial and technological world.


Andile Khumalo

15:45 – 16:30

Should I stay or should I go?

Hear from Andile Khumalo on why and how, CAs should stay in the country and make a difference here.


16:30 – 17:00


CEO | Author | Speaker | Tech Entrepreneur | Building exponential & tech adjacent businesses of the future

Mushambi Mutuma is an author, speaker and tech entrepreneur who share insights on tech, entrepreneurship and innovation in the African context. He has over 12 years of experience building brands and business across Africa and the US.

Investec’s Blockchain Specialist

Chris is Investec’s blockchain specialist and focuses specifically on product development and strategy for the Specialist Bank. His fascination with the history of money and the inner workings of the monetary system led him to the world of blockchain and privately issued monies. His career spans roles as an economist, sovereign risk analyst and sell-side…

Investec Asset Management

Jeremy Gardiner is a regular voice in the media, at conferences and to the investment-related world at large, responsible for commenting on current affairs, economics and investment markets. In his position, Jeremy is inundated with information from the world’s top analysts, on everything from politics to petrol. His challenge is consolidating all this information and bringing…

CEO of xTech.Capital

Willem is the CEO of xTech.Capital – an exponential technology venture capital firm.

CEO of khumalo.co

Andile Khumalo is a seasoned entrepreneur and Chartered Accountant (SA) with over 15 years of business experience.

Chief Executive Officer of Grit Real Estate Income Group

Bronwyn is the Chief Executive Officer of Grit Real Estate Income Group, the largest pan African focused real estate fund listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and in Mauritius

Co-Founder and Chief Science and Technology officer Fourth Talent

An executive with 18 years experience in Finance, Strategy, Analytics, Research and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Chief Innovation Officer of Tencent Africa

Tramayne is the Chief Innovation Officer of Tencent Africa. He has a CA(SA) and MBA to his name.

Founder and MD of Dcoded

Strategy & Insights Specialist | Innovation & Impact Facilitator