Tramayne Monaghan is the Chief Innovation Officer of Tencent Africa. He has a CA(SA) and MBA to his name. Tramayne comes from a traditional CA(SA) background and completed his Honors degree at NMU in Port Elizabeth. Tramayne then embarked on three years of articles with Deloitte where he focused on manufacturing and retail.

Tramayne alway enjoyed the business side of audit. And spent his time identifying business strategies and ploys that would work for his client. He wanted to utilise the skills he learnt to grow business. Post his articles he joined the Business Risk division of Deloitte and counted Naspers as one of his clients. It was there, and at one of their subsidiaries – an e-commerce company- that he realised the power of technology.

Moving to Tencent, or then WeChat Africa, Tramayne was able to learn from the deep end about mobile businesses, digital trends and entrepreneurship. As the team was small and there was a culture of agility, no one person was siloed. And Tramayne built products, invested in startups and incubated ideas for Tencent.

In his current role he ideates new potential mobile products and devises the strategies for going to market. He is also responsible for the Video Entertainment branch of Tencent Africa.

Tramayne currently advises two startups in South Africa and loves to travel and learn.