William is one of world’s leading futurists and strategy experts. He helps organisations to understand how tomorrow’s consumers will think, feel, behave, and how they can benefit from this in their business. With extensive experiences in a wealth of industries, from music to business consultancy, William Higham has worked with everyone from The Rolling Stones to Walt Disney. In 2002, he founded Next Big Thing, an advisory and speaking service specialising in strategy, innovation, and futurism. His presentations connect with audiences on a personal level, leaving a positive impression that impacts all areas of their lives.

William’s research-driven predictions of future trends helps position organisational brands ahead of the curve, making him the ideal speaker for conferences and industry workshops. Upon founding Next Big Thing, William has become one of the most respected future behavioralists in the world. His consultancy service uses consumer research and analysis to identify upcoming markets, providing corporate clients with an unbeatable insight into buying behaviour. From his workshops, clients including HSBC, BBC and Mindshare have received tailored analysis of their respective markets, and the business solutions that will resonate with their target clients. When booked for events, William’s keynote speeches arm audiences with the knowledge needed to thrive in their industry, and authentically connect with consumers.

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