As the Director of Operations & Client Solutions at The Arbinger Institute of South Africa.  I believe that my energy, enthusiasm, passion for people and positive mindset to achieve my goals, not only lead to phenomenal results for me as a person, but to equally amazing results for those around me.  This is because at Arbinger, we help companies improve their key success indicators – collaboration, employee engagement, accountability, revenue growth, market share and profitability.  We change Mindset, resulting in a change in behavior and result.  With proven results backing out theory, we facilitate Outward Mindset™ training sessions to companies looking to improve their overall operational efficiency through the implementation of the Arbinger principles of improved self-awareness, strong relationships, increased results, accountability and their reduction of conflict.

Authenticity, respect for others and a positive leadership style has formed the foundation of my approach to the various senior leadership and people management roles I have held, and was instrumental in the success of the plethora of projects I have led.  I bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the field of leadership and strategic transformation and have extensive experience in specifically Organisational Change Transformation.  My expertise, combined with my strong conviction for Mindset Change as the essential foundation of an effective collaborative and “one team” way of working to achieve breakthrough results, form the cornerstones of my approach to work and life.

Prior to joining The Arbinger Institute, I managed my own cocktail bar & catering company, and spent 10 years providing leadership and mentorship at Shell, a role that afforded me extensive international travel and wide business experience.

Becoming part of The Arbinger Institute is an exciting opportunity for me, allowing me to pursue my passion for people and business transformation, and to drive break-through results.  I am equally passionate about the great outdoors, and love to camp and run in the mountains.  I believe that a balanced life, an open mind and a strong family foundation are key attributes to a successful, fulfilled existence.  Together we have the responsibility to make a positive change and have a valuable impact on the societies we live and work in.   

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