Voted among SAICA’s Top 35-under-35 at 28 years old, entrepreneur Grant Greeff believes problems in business remain constant, while the solutions change over time with new technology & informative data. He has developed a five-step approach to help business owners solve business problems effectively. Grant actively shares his insights around leadership, culture and business life on LinkedIn to his growing online audience

Grant is the founder and CEO of Alto Growth and former Group CFO for Drone Ops Group. Before joining Drone Ops Group, Grant was the founder of an event hiring company for just under 10 years. Grant believes that entrepreneurship is the culmination of hundreds of little experiments that have the potential to create meaningful change for everyone involved.

The lessons Grant learned through his life thus far, particularly his experience with a hospitality company, were invaluable and have set him on a path of self-discovery. For him, the most impactful and life-changing experience was finding a mentor early on in his business career. ‘I fundamentally believe that mentorship is the key to moving South Africa forward and upward. Not only does the mentee benefit, but the mentor benefits as well.

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